Grant Pre-Application

Helping you spread the Word. 

We believe that connectivity – reliable, ongoing communication – is essential to the cultivation and retention of congregants in any community of faith.

One Call Now makes it easy for faith-based communities to stay connected with their congregants, through simple, reliable communication tools that require no software, no extended training, and no hassle. Churches use our group voice, text and email service for sending every-day and emergency messages, including:

  • Welcoming visitors
  • Prayer chains/requests 
  • Last-minute postponements or cancellations due to weather
  • Event reminders
  • Volunteer recruitment and scheduling…
  • And yes… gentle reminders about giving.

We have found that communities that communicate on a regular basis with their congregants reap more benefits, such as: increased attendance, higher engagement and consistent giving. 

If this sounds like a service your community needs, then take advantage of this special opportunity:  We are giving away grants to 6 deserving communities of faith. The selection process is not at random, it will be based solely on merit/need. We understand the importance of keeping congregants protected, informed and engaged.

Please fill out the form to the right to begin the application process. 

Important: this grant is for communities of faith only (i.e. a community of people sharing the same religious faith and meet on a regular basis to celebrate their beliefs). If you are a nonprofit that does not represent a community of faith, please click here for more information about nonprofit grant programs. Application deadline is February 15, 2019!

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