Phone Chains Got You Down?

Automate Your Phone Chain with One Call Now

Organizations and communities everywhere have challenges sending updates to their contacts quickly. Phone chains are slow and unreliable.  Email is often undeliverable or ignored, text messages too short, and dialing phones too time consuming. If you’re facing this challenge, it’s time to think about an automated phone chain service. Automated phone chain services like One Call Now allow you to send email, text, and phone messages to all or select groups of your contacts with a click of a button or one phone call.  We’ll even auto-post the message to your social media accounts. 

When time is a factor a phone chain service is an invaluable tool. Select your contacts, create or select a saved message, and send.  It’s that simple. One Call Now specializes in solving group messaging challenges for all types of organizations including churches, associations, schools, businesses and property management companies.  Start sending automated phone and text messages to your whole group today without additional hardware, software or hassle.  You can even try it for free for 30 days.

  • Broadcast emergency alerts
  • Increase attendance with reminders
  • Send personalized welcome messages to new members
  • Quickly send cancellation or delay notices
  • Recruit and organize volunteers

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