Communities throughout the nation rely on Resident Notification Systems from One Call Now to stay connected with residents. Whether it’s urgent or routine, One Call Now helps you get the word out quickly and reliably. It’s simple to send messages to your entire resident list or any group without tying-up your staff, your phone lines or interrupting your operations.
Special features allow you to tailor messages to your specifications:
  • Use the medium your residents and staff prefer: voice, SMS text or email
  • Get documentation – detailed reporting that’s available within minutes confirms successful contacts and explains unsuccessful attempts (no answer, line busy, disconnected)
  • Set-up subgroups within your call list to target your messages to specific audiences, such as residents located on a street, floor or building
  • Foster two-way communications – ask recipients to respond using their keypad
  • Give recipients the option to transfer to a live service representative or staff member
  • Record and store frequently used messages for even faster implementation





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