"How do I contact everyone at my church?" 

Many of our clients found themselves asking the question, “How do I contact everyone at my church?”

A church of any size can find themselves in this situation. Many rely on phone trees and posting their important updates and notices in the church bulletin. The fallacy in these methods is the fact that you cannot guarantee that everyone understood or even saw the message. Contacting all of your church members doesn’t have to be complicated and it should never cause you hardship.

That’s where One Call Now comes in. Our church notification service allows you to contact all of your members, quickly and reliably. Not only are you able to send phone calls, text messages and emails, you are also able to report who actually listened to your messages and for how long. Say goodbye to the days of “…but I didn’t get the message” and say hello to clear, consistent congregant communication.

How does it work? It’s simple! You can send tens, hundreds or even thousands of messages in three easy steps. Our service is designed to be intuitive enough for anyone to use it. We understand the importance of your message and we guarantee its delivery.