Church Communication Made Easy

Improve Church Communication with One Call Now

Creating church communications that engage the entire congregation may seem out of reach. “My congregation is so diverse,” you might worry. How can I create announcements in every format that congregants prefer?

Believe it or not, you don’t have to.

Automated group messaging from One Call Now is one of the most effective ways to keep a whole congregation engaged. Here’s why:

It works for all ages.

Church communication that spans generations is a challenge for many churches. But mobile technology has put nearly everyone within a phone’s reach. Whether they prefer a landline or a mobile device, nearly everyone is equipped to receive a phone call.  Emails and social media can supplement for non-urgent messages.

With an automated messaging service like One Call Now, you can send a single recorded message to your entire calling list at once. Or send messages to specific groups. And unlike social media, which requires users to create accounts, phone messaging ensures that no one gets left out of important church communication.

You’ll know they got your message.

Church leaders are all too familiar with a disengaging cycle that happens when folks miss church, and therefore miss announcements. They then miss out on events. The information void is widened again when they miss announcements that were made at the events. It doesn’t take long for members to feel detached.

Church communication with One Call Now is all-inclusive. Messages are almost always received. And detailed, real-time reports confirm if messages were picked up. In contrast, it’s impossible with other channels like social media to know whether your message cuts through the clutter.

It’s perfect for getting the word out quickly.

Newsletters are well-suited to in-depth stories, budget reporting, or recaps of past events. But they don’t work when your members need to know something now. For emergencies, event cancellations, or other need-to-know announcements, automated group messages deliver.

Automated group messages are an effective, reliable form of church communication. Your members—young and old, active and astray, tech-savvy and traditional—will thank you.