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Today’s robust business environments can yield sought-after results. However, they can also lead to unprecedented employee stress. In fact, research from the American Institute of Stress reveals that not only is job stress the primary source of stress for Americans today, but it’s also on the rise. Unfortunately, these high levels of stress have been linked with everything from increased heart attacks and hypertension to lower productivity and higher absenteeism at work. The imperative for employers is clear:  diffuse employee stress levels to boost employee satisfaction and well-being. 

Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Sleet, Nor Hail...

The U.S. Postal Service may claim to be unstoppable by these and other obstacles, but the truth is that when weather strikes, previously accountable systems can falter or fail completely. Throw in everything from road work to fire alarms, and there are endless other opportunities for disruption when it comes to the average workday. All of these things require corrective action -- the more streamlined the better -- to get things back on track.

But employees can’t act quickly to fix a bad situation if they aren’t even aware that it’s happening. Not only that, but if some teammates are aware of the development and others are not, this can result in inferior results, as well as fostering feelings of ill will and resentment among coworkers.

Enter One Call Now

When things go wrong in today’s fast-paced business world, they go wrong quickly -- leaving employees to make adjustments at a mere moment’s notice. Are your employees supported by a streamlined work environment or will they end up tearing their hair out while frantically scrambling to keep up?

One Call Now offers a proactive solution. Need to inform employees to expect delays on the way to the office because of construction? Or to tell them to stay home because of imminent severe weather? There are hundreds of applications for One Call Now, all with the same engagement-boosting aim: to help your employees enjoy a better quality of life in the workplace.

And why should you care about the quality of life of your employees? Aside from the fact that you’re a good person, the implications are profound for your organizational health. Not only are happy, stress-free workers more productive, they’re also more likely to show up at work and to stick around. All of this adds up to improved employee health, fewer incidences of absenteeism,  better retention rates,  reduced hiring and training expenses, and enhanced health-care savings.

Communication Counts

While One Call Now alone may not be the singular key to happy employees, it’s a show of management commitment to communication -- a significant factor in promoting employee engagement. And it's more important than ever considering recent research from Gallup indicating that a mere third of Americans are actually engaged in their work. And what is the basis of any healthy employee-employer relationship, according to Gallup? "Reliable and meaningful communication."  Lucky for you, positive outcomes can be accomplished with little investment -- human or financial -- on your part. Simply use One Call Now’s user-friendly interface to set up a call tree or group text and take a huge step in the right direction.

With catastrophes -- as well as minor inconveniences -- a fact of life in the modern business world, what can you do to keep your business moving forward and your employees feeling the love? Emergency notification systems ensure that your employees know what they need to know when they need to know it. The result? More engaged, productive and anxiety-free employees.




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