The average duration of an active school shooter incident is less than 13 minutes. The average response time for law enforcement? 18 minutes. In other words, there‚Äôs typically a gap of five minutes or more until help arrives.  Five full minutes during which the situation must be managed and critical decisions must be made.

And while a fast response is important, so is a smart response. 

Would you rather wrestle with life-or-death questions on the fly during an emergency situation, or would you rather have pre-established protocols in place and available should the worst happen and an active shooter enters your K-12 school?

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  • Behaviors to be aware of that often precede an incident
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  • The eight critical factors that should be part of any active shooter plan
  • Why traditional alerts like sirens and strobes can actually be detrimental in shooter situations
Learn what to do, and what not to do, in those 5 minutes before help arrives