Active shooter events are becoming an all too common occurrence today, and they only take a few minutes to occur.

How you prepare and respond is critical. 

One Call Now has partnered with Strategos International, a leading security training and consulting firm that has worked with over 110,000 corporate, government, education and non-profit organizations since 2002, to bring you this crucial and timely event.

Join us and our special guest, Vaughn Baker, President of Strategos International, for our latest free webinar, Securing Your Students and Staff:  Active Shooter Preparation and Response.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Recognizing traits of suspicious behavior and armed individuals
  • The importance of "Awareness" in relation to prevention and mitigation
  • Achieving "Lockdown" without locks and utilizing only gross motor skills
  • The pros and cons of "Securing in Place" vs. "Locking Down"
  • What to do when a lockdown fails
  • Best practices in communicating emergency situations
  • And much more

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