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Turn Your Standard Phone into a Call Tree Phone Powerhouse

At one time pay phones donned every city block and families adjusted rabbit ears to tune the television set.  Additionally, the manual call tree was developed to send messages to large groups. When information needed to be communicated, one person called several others and in turn, those folks called a few more, and so on. Even though the call tree phone method was far from perfect, organization members tirelessly dialed and relayed messages, hoping that most of the organization, congregation or team would somehow get the message (and that it would be accurate).

The call tree phone or call tree is still in use today, even for important or time sensitive messages. Unfortunately, it is prone to miscommunication and long delays.

Let One Call Now replace the antiquated phone tree process with a fully automated system that delivers the same message quickly to everyone. No errors. No long delays. No misconstrued messages.

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